Market segmentation, precision marketing

model is the fashion industry, simple is beautiful, I always feel, no matter the dress or website, simple, focused, professional, this is why the child model with adults two separate sites cause model. What is the only child model network offering parents: a platform for presenting children, a field of enlightenment, a model of knowledge, and a chance to bring potential to children. What can be provided to customers: professional information, photos, selected children’s models, professional services and guidance suggestions, detailed implementation and coordination. Give your users what they need, and there’s a value for them.

some website information is very rich, a lot of channels, I don’t know what to do from here, the article information is collected, not their own, there is no authority, I can not see what kind of website is doing. Positioning vague, understand everything, is nothing professional. It is better to start with a little, to do small things, to do fine, to do fine, to do well, to make patterns, and to be the first in the world. You made it.

domestic parent-child website, many functions are complete, are free registration, blog photos casually. We have to review the website to see if you have the potential of the model, two to pay an annual fee, three, photos selected by us to use, to achieve the most professional information available to customers. The website was on the line by the end of last year, and now it’s just one year. The above model materials are exclusive, professional, and the study articles are original and authoritative. Ma Yun said, ha, free stuff is the most expensive, for professional websites, in fact, fees are the right way, the key depends on whether your customers agree with your service.

as a model company for 5 years, from the data of model development to hundreds of adults and children model network model, for a year there are hundreds of children, is the first domestic most professional child models provide a platform, ranked first in the major search engines. In an industry inside for a long time, you’ll find some other people can not see or ignore the chance to see if you have the vision to grasp, there is no action to achieve it, there is no willpower to persist, there is no professional service to win customers.

to do a thing is not easy, not easy to success, when your membership to you with praise, when your service and recommend it when children get the opportunity to exercise and happy, the parents and the customer will give you the best word of mouth, get the best advertising to buy Promotion effect. It will keep you from eight to twelve at night, without weekends or days without rest.

children as consumers, has been the only money not to make money, but we have a lot of kids have recommended platform, his first ad shoot, the first work, the first time in life is not the same experience. In this only child’s society, children rarely have such opportunities, our website happens to be able to provide such a unique opportunity, this is our site positioning the most successful. Of course not encourage such a small child on the money, but if you have this.