nteractive website design and analysis still where the icing on the cake with luxuriant foliage


browser, as a artifact, to help us open the colorful world of the Internet window. And today she has been born with one after another version of the heart, perhaps someone who is interested in her fancy, someone obsessed with her speed…… We, as refactoring engineers, must pay more attention to the technological innovations behind him, and that’s CSS3’s support. Last time, Garfield showed us an exaggerated CSS3 animation. And this time, let’s start with the details and see what happens when CSS3 meets weibo.

of course, before this, we must first understand the next visit to weibo.com heroes artifact accounts:


PS: (data from Sina, micro-blog, product data analysis background, 2012, January browser share)

icon can be seen in the proportion of IE6 decreased gradually, while the support CSS3 browser, also occupy a considerable share, it means that we can have more choice to give up the IE6 compatible, in addition, can also support CSS3 high version of the browser to do more consideration.

in the specific details of what can be considered the icing on the cake? This article only to do something, to which the effect of CSS3 can be present in the product details, and we will also in this article, as soon as possible in the micro-blog optimization, to mention these

gradually on the line!

uses pseudo class to enhance user experience

, for example, text, when you browse the web, often use the mouse to select some text content, to facilitate reading. At this point, the page text is usually highlighted with white text + blue background color display. As follows:


but micro-blog master has different skin, deep and shallow. When you encounter a dark background, still showed the blue bottom white, the effect is not particularly handsome. At this point, you can actually consider using pseudo class selection for Web text highlighting provides a design program to change the anti display effect. After the mouse selects the text, you can set the corresponding background color and text color, or even transparent. A simple property reflects the product’s care for user operations, thereby enhancing user experience.


uses gradient color to enhance visual impact on

is becoming more and more popular with designers and front end engineers as CSS3 becomes more widely used. A good gradient can make the text look like a texture, as if it were engraved on paper, thus giving the user a good visual impression. We can make use of CSS>