9 things you need to know about your client before you start designing your website

as a designer, each of your clients and projects is unique. There are some things you need to know or know about all your customers to make the best design for them. Building an effective website for solving specific business needs requires designers to understand the details of many businesses.

in this article, we’ll see 9 things that designers and clients need to discuss before the design starts, so as to increase the likelihood of success. These are about getting to know the business and the needs of the customer, rather than contracts such as payments and deadlines.

1. commercial purpose

almost all business practices have mission and vision statements. If you want to design a website that really reflects the business and the customer is effective, it’s absolutely necessary to understand the basic business reasons and his goals.

if you don’t know the core responsibilities of customers or why they exist, be sure to understand these questions at the beginning. Although they are very simple data, but without them, the project is likely to go astray.


2. business of specific products and services


is clear about the reasons for the business, it is important to know the details and how the customer receives revenue from the business. Whether you’re setting up an e-commerce site, or an ordinary information station, or any other type of website, it’s important to know what the customer is prepared to offer to the web site.

User statistics for

3. customers

more information to discuss business products and services will let you pay for the products and services of the users, have the effect of site is user centric, the designer for you is very important, you need an accurate understanding of the customer who will use this web site, who is likely to be interested in to provide business.

is as good a way to get this information as much as possible. For example, the target user’s age, gender, occupation, income, and so on, these are very helpful to determine the design style of the website. In addition, building websites for users who are interested in products and services helps to increase their potential.

4., corporate culture,

good websites can reflect the business and make it an integral part of marketing and corporate image. In order to create websites that can accurately represent your business, you need to understand their corporate culture to a certain extent. Many times you can learn about their culture through business people (if possible). Talk to different employees and talk to different customers or users (if possible) by looking at existing marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, and advertisements.

5. current site needs improvement,

if your project needs to be re existing on the existing site