How does SEO select a virtual host (1)


the vast majority of webmaster is unable to afford the independent host of money, time, maintenance on the consumption, so there will be a virtual host business. With the development of the virtual host in the past few years, how to choose a suitable for their own virtual host, has become a problem plagued many webmaster.

this article from the author started in 2000, after the ordeal of the virtual host purchase experience gained, to provide you with the most brief description of the virtual host selection considerations.


stability is the guarantee of everything. At least 98% of the online rate is the main guarantee for the better development of our website. Choose a room (please note that cooperation cooperation is not put machine room to room can be called work room, which we as users is also the most difficult to determine) IDC, at least from the server bandwidth and server maintenance two aspects have more advantages.

high speed:

good access speed, convenient not only yourself, more or retain your web site visitors, of course, for search engine crawler (hereinafter referred to as spider) is also very good.


technology here is very important to ensure, with the Linux system for example, restrictions more death often means more security, at least system, exec, passthru, escapeshellcmd, pcntl_exec, shell_exec of the general program does not use, but also extremely dangerous command is certainly should be prohibited. Choose a strong technical company, showing that you will have a higher guarantee of your site security.


backup is important, especially when your site is missing because of uncontrolled files, and you’ll be more sure about the importance of backup. True daily backups are rare, and IDC is rare every week.

Special requirements for


The content in front of the

is the three standard for choosing a virtual host on a general website. As a SEO requirement, we need the host to have the following functions:


1. log provides a full daily access log, which is the access log for Apache in relation to Linux. It’s important that we judge the attitude of the search engine to the target site entirely by analyzing him and the corresponding keyword rankings.

2.Rewrite supports.Htaccess, and it’s a skill to do rewirte for a particular file because of the special needs of SEO. (many SEOER aren’t aware of this at the moment. I’ll continue to write about it when there’s time.)

3. traffic restrictions, why traffic restrictions, I personally have always considered virtual master >