Discuss how to make a website and how to proceed

how to make a website under discussion? How should we proceed?

day after day work every day in the repeat. No time to take care of their own web sites, outside under the light rain, just to work, the mouse is broken, the boss shouted out to buy a mouse to work, hey, buy back at noon, I haven’t published the article. Write a this estimate would work ^_^


a lot of friends will ask me how to make a website? This problem is estimated that many friends are puzzled over this question?

actually just grab a few points:

1. Determine the theme of the website

The theme of the

web site is the main content of the site you build. A website must have a clear theme. Especially for personal websites, you can’t do it like an integrated website. It’s large and comprehensive. You do not have this ability, nor this energy, so you must find a most interesting content, do deep, do through, do their own characteristics, so as to give users a deep impression. The theme of the web site is "no rules", as long as you are interested in any content can be, but the theme should be bright, in your subject scope, content to be large and complete, fine and deep.

two, collecting materials


defines the theme of the website, you start collecting material around the topic. As the saying goes: "one can’t make bricks without straw". To make your website flesh and blood, and to attract users, you have to try to collect materials, and the more materials you collect, the easier it will be to build websites later. The material can not only from books, newspapers, multimedia CD-ROM, come on, also can be collected from the Internet, then put the collected materials Qucuqujing, Quweicunzhen, as to produce their own web material.

three, planning website

is a website design success or not, the planning level depends largely on the designer’s website designers like planning the building drawings, the design is good, to build a beautiful building. The site plan contains many columns, such as structure, site settings, site style, color collocation, layout, text pictures such as the use of only you these aspects into account in the web page before, in order to make home filled with bamboo. The only way to produce web pages in order to have personality, unique, attractive. How to plan each of the specific content of the site, I will describe in detail below.

four, choose the right tool for production,

although the choice of what kind of tool does not affect the quality of your web page design, but a powerful, easy to use software, often can play twice the result with half the effort. Web page production involves more tools, the first is the web authoring tool. At present, most of the Internet users use the WYSIWYG editing tools. Among them, of course, Dreamweaver> is the best