Five categories of nternet entrepreneurs

access to the Internet so long, also encountered a variety of Internet entrepreneurs, doing IT teahouse at the same time I have been thinking about the IT teahouse to make a what kind of platform, to give users what services. The current DZ forum +UCH model is also very thin. So the question that comes up is what kind of customers IT tea houses serve. In the process of communicating with some members, it is found that different groups of people have different demands and different concerns. Do platform must be very familiar with their own oriented user groups, so here, according to my personal experience, the Internet entrepreneur to do a classification:

1. layman type

China Internet has just developed for ten years, it has been born several listed companies, which is unimaginable for traditional industries. As a result, there will be a group of people born in the traditional industry, there is a certain amount of money, holding the "Internet is the general trend" of the idea to join the internet. Their only belief is that the industry is promising and really doesn’t know how to do it. And the origin of Sichuan dragon dispatch net is a very typical example, these entrepreneurs have encountered a good partner may have little success, some are still struggling, but they are very tough, web site operators three years lose money can still stick to it. For such members, they are more concerned about some website operation knowledge and website operation personnel;

2. scholar Qi type

The reason why

didn’t use the students was because there were some people who had been working for a long time, but the book was angry. Work in the ideal, did not experience the Internet industry, but the various concepts on the Internet are very understanding, what Web2.0, SNS and communities speak closely reasoned and well argued. It’s good to write some analytical essays occasionally. But once you start doing business, you find that the actual operation is not the case at all. What they need more is the actual combat skills of the website operation and the analysis of the real cases, and at the same time, they need more partners.

3. technology driven

Internet industry technology is the foundation, and many programmers are aware of the technology is to rely on youth to eat, so they have the idea of transformation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, because GOOGLE and other successful, the company founder is technical background, but also to stimulate the enthusiasm of many programmers. 35 colleagues with the latest technology to develop website content, do website after the discovery of stunning, no one came, this time they need most is to understand how to promote, so I often encounter some program Master said, I want to learn how to run your website promotion;

4. mature

this class of entrepreneurs is that I prefer, most of them work in the Internet industry over 3-5 years, very understanding of the site operation and promotion, also has a clear profit model, has been with the team to do the project experience. This group of people is also the most successful I think. What they need most is more partners to promote and complement each other. At the same time, master of Technology