n the online sellers, how to start and operate the products, platforms, traffic are from zero

introduction: whether online or offline, selling products without three points, products, platforms, traffic, these three points are indispensable.




are said to be selling products, so we must have a product is not actually the product before? I also wrote an article about how to choose the products, which covers my choice of product experience, specific to my blog to see here, not too much of the vegetation.


with products, then we naturally have a sales platform to sell our products, such as: physical stores, stalls, Taobao stores, Jingdong stores, WeChat, QQ/QQ space, self built web site and so on.


more specifically, should be called marketing, why? Because this link is mainly to let others to buy our products, not only let people see our products, which involves many factors of promotion, customer service, copywriting, call flow I don’t think it is appropriate.

of course, if the flow is large enough, there will be a small number of people buying products even if they don’t do any conversion.

only wrote about the process, and now write about how I usually operate a product from scratch.

1. Analysis of products and existing resources

1. analysis products

What are the advantages of

products? What are the unique selling points? What kind of products are the audience? Consider these three issues.

2. analyzes its own existing resources

you have resource advantage, profit can shorten the time period, for example, for example: I have a tens of thousands of obese people in database, then I sell slimming products, certainly better than selling other products easier to


two, mining customers common pain point

Through the analysis of

products of audience gathered, so we can quickly find the crowd, and then we go to those places to collect multiple customer pain points, through objective analysis, find the common customer pain points.

three, sales platform selection and layout

said at the beginning of the article that if you sell a product for the first time, try to choose some low-cost sales platforms. So even if the product sales are poor, but also to avoid loss of too much cost.

often see my article I should know, general sales products are using self built website to sell, is generally a single page, the cost is not high, a domain name, a space, cost less than 100 yuan. However, this is not suitable for some zero based friends, because there is still a bit of technical content to do a single page site, to contact the code and art, I am a technical idiot, so my single