s this the idea of a daily income of XX yuan

legend, journey, etc. are these online games familiar,


doesn’t mind playing games, but I think everyone knows how profitable these game operators are,


that’s all in 100 million units…

is playing a game player to advanced equipment, can at all levels and so on, we are called "burning", now the network game has been completely free, but played should all know, although it is free, but more expensive, not "burn money" that is playing do not go. Any game, if you want to play better, 1000 is the least to spend;


is talking about now is how we can make a profit from the east wind;

has already tested the current fire games before writing this article, the highest profit is "ask" this game, here also uses this game to explain, saves everybody’s detour,

"asked" have a promotion system, is the promotion of the game, incentive policy is that whenever there is a game player through your promotion to the game, in this game he consumption 30% is your commission;

, that is to say, if I play this game through your promotion, I spent 100 yuan to buy things, then you can get 30%, that is, 30 yuan Commission;

according to this scale, we think that the current network game is how the "burning", how many game player crazy game, you should know how much of your profit, the number is amazing;

To do this

network especially is a very simple thing to do the webmaster, because we have been doing something similar called flow];

do webmaster almost every day in traffic, but only for the game to do specifically flow;

As for how to do this

flow, I believe everyone will have their own merit, I would not have display slight skill before an expert if it is a novice, do not understand the words, can add wisdom Valley Group 4189890, I believe that all my friends are willing to help you;

is now in general use is "Baidu", we can go to Baidu, "ask the promoter", to see how much money to buy Baidu bid.

and now it seems that all online games support promoters….


this project within a short period of time can do, because now the essence of just a few of the people, has not spread, other in the promotion, is nothing more than some game player, they in order to get some of the Games in the volume and other items in the effort to promote, more is to free to play games, and we do network, we are the owners, we have a unique advantage, the quality we have are those who play the game do not have;