A monthly income of 2000 novice webmaster experience

, I’m not good at writing. This is the first article! Well, don’t talk too much, get to the point,


07 years last month registered a website began to make the movie station, soon a day on IP more than 1 thousand, then the Ali Mama advertising plus, every day there are 2 figures, Baidu is not included, don’t care because money is king, 2 months after IP or not go for a Ca Bianqiu station, IP quickly rose to 4 thousand this time a day there are dozens of pieces, what advertising plus! Do the station tired to continue to exchange for a movie station, this time PR is up to 2, after the change back to the movie station listen to the guidance, Baidu finally included one day, IP to 20 thousand I’m dead! The end of the month the site good times don’t last long to drop the right search less, then K paotang wanted to give up! After being included no keywords, began selling connection, one day 50 block is now very cool! K Do not know what a good movie station, station not good advertising GG nor Baidu nor Ali mother had not made a garbage alliance to 100 yuan to pay is 733 Union, everyone do not go there to do a liar!

said so much, not good, everybody don’t laugh,