An old webmaster advice, hope u

The wind blows strongly. on the Yi River is so cold, stationmaster this road is destined to not return? As a novice webmaster, always encounter this or that problem in the process of establishment of the station. And these questions, we are all at a loss. But in this society there will always be those selfless person, when you ask them, they will use their own experience to show you the way. I do a lot of problems in the process of standing, for example, included problems. This makes me very headache, a month has passed, or included in 0., which makes me difficult to accept. Not included in the change will make a lot of problems, and I encountered the copyright issues. (but, in the recent Baidu update, began to included, really hope to keep this way, stable included.


I’ve been looking for an old webmaster for this question. I thought he wouldn’t tell me so much. Unexpectedly, this brief conversation, let me understand a lot, but also let me not take some detours. Below, I tidy up and talk about the old webmaster, to talk about a good site should pay attention to matters. I hope you can concentrate on the station webmaster friends a little advice and advice.

one, focus on the content, there will be returns

talking about doing stand, old webmaster deeply understand. When I asked you how to do a website well, his answer was: "focus on what you do, do it yourself, don’t be disturbed by the outside world, and you’ll eventually reap.". Focus on the content, that is, the user is placed in the primary position, user centric, enhance the user experience of the site, to provide users with valuable content. Let the user begin to get what they want from your site to the moment if the user can get what you want on your site, so that the behoove to retain users. Well, your reward comes sooner or later, sometimes it’s just a matter of time. Focus on yourself and your content, and your website will achieve long-term, sustainable development goals.

two, follow the footsteps of others, will be very tired,

when it comes to Baidu, from the old owners back, indistinct feel excited. Perhaps, SEO each stationmaster has experienced, all have own view. Perhaps, this old stationmaster is on SEO, also have the pain that a few can not tell. When I checked their website on the Internet and didn’t have Baidu encyclopedia, I asked him, "why don’t you get an encyclopedia?" he said firmly. "Follow the footsteps of others and you’ll be tired.". Do what you should do, find your own way of promotion and profit model for your website. That’s the way to do it. Follow the footsteps of others, you will lose your morale in the tired, and the most serious you will choose to give up, because you do not get the happiness you want. So, as long as you are good enough, you are enough. Go your own way, let others change.

three, in find some of the same thing, it is fundamental to