Case study of SMS marketing industry application — hotel industry

I have been in touch with many Traders Hotel and resort hotels in Beijing, and many problems have been encountered in marketing. I have spent a great deal of promotion expenses and have little effect. Basically rely on the hotel reservation platform as a business support, such as Ctrip elong.

short message marketing has been recognized and accepted by many industries in recent years, and the hotel industry is no exception. Any media is only a means, is the problem of art, the most critical thing to solve is still to see the law of the road and extended. Text messaging is also an art, marketing is the road, so the two must be combined to play a role. Here we have to analyze, for the hotel industry, the marketing of this road and text of the combination of Technology:

, new customers — the way of experiential marketing

based SMS marketing is customer analysis, to analysis should be arranged for new customers, the development of the hotel will be paid attention to, for potential customers did not come to the shop, to do detailed analysis: age, income, occupation, screening area attribute. After targeting the target audience, start planning the content of the message. Generally speaking, a free experience for new customers is more appropriate. You can go to the store or mail experience coupons.

two, the first to shop customers – detailed and intimate service to win

when the customer to shop, hotel according to the scope of action after the hotel customers and provide some form of service. Such as the use of SMS, weather, classic, shopping and other information to remind function, it will make our customers feel warm and caring. So as to increase the customer’s goodwill and intimacy to the hotel.

three, for a long time to shop customers — active inquiry, preferential recommend

for three months or longer to store, the hotel can use the recommended way of greeting or preferential, SMS marketing can ask the customer for the hotel’s suggestions and comments, the latest promotions to inform the hotel at the same time, it increases between the customer and the hotel contact density, better maintenance of customers.

four, holiday greetings

this way is the most commonly used SMS marketing strategy. Although the current greeting SMS is indeed more rampant, but in the holiday, the hotel sent a sincere, warm blessing, the customer will not oppose, and here should pay attention to the editorial content of SMS content planning.

hotel industry belongs to the service industry, service industry marketing always cheats is sincere service, not to allow any new customer churn, SMS marketing should better service, so it can thrive in the fertile soil.

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