Long tail words make your website traffic increased by several times

the word "long tail" derives from the famous long tail effect. The so-called long tail effect is to emphasize "personalized", "customer power" and "small profit big market", that is to make very little money, but to make a lot of money. To segment the market to a very small point, it will be found that the accumulation of these small markets will lead to an obvious long tail effect. Take books as an example: Barnes& and Noble’s average shelf list is 130 thousand. And more than half of Amazon’s sales come from books on its list of more than 130 thousand books. If based on Amazon statistics, this means that books that are not sold in general bookstores are larger than those built on books on the shelves of bookstores. That is to say, if we can get rid of the scarcity of resources, the potential book market will be at least two times as large as it is now. KevinLaws, a venture capitalist who once worked as a consultant in the music industry, summed up the phenomenon: "the greatest wealth comes from the smallest sale."". The long tail keyword is also similar to the long tail effect.

some people think that web traffic should be the main keywords of this website brings, therefore specifically for the main keywords for special attention, especially the optimization, while ignoring the many long tail word derived from the keyword. What kind of words is the long tail word? For example: our market survey, this is the key to one of our clients to do the main market survey, market survey report, questionnaire, market research company, new product survey and so on, these are the market survey and the word there is a certain correlation between these. Even if the word is the long tail keywords market survey. A lot of traffic on a website comes from these long tail words. Here’s a screenshot:


this is the website traffic statistics above records, you can see that most of the site traffic is from a variety of long tail words.

how do you choose the long tail word,


1 can be screened by the flow meter, as shown in figure

2, the use of various tools offered by the search engine to judge, such as Baidu search once, but this has now been Baidu shut down; there is a Google search box automatically appear words below; there is a GOOGLE:https://adwords.google.com /select/KeywordToolExternal


3, refer to the competitor’s website, analyse its website, also can find out a few among them;

the above three methods is my usual, of course, there are other ways, all roads lead to Rome, we can find for yourself.

, write these first today. Next time. Hey hey!