Blue ocean in search of blue ocean, maternal and child network market size of 10 billion

" you are willing to feed you the next generation of money! " it seems to have become a top problem for the newly upgraded 80, the parents of young people a headache how to spend money? How much money? This is actually a huge market. No matter how cold the financial crisis is, it is an iron rice bowl that will not break for thousands of years.

China will enter the fourth baby boom population, in 80s Chinese appeared third times the population of the baby boom, the birth of a child, now most have entered the period of marriage. This makes China will have more than 30 million babies born every year, infants and children under the age of 3 are also nearly 80 million, of which the number of infants under 3 years of age in the city of more than 10 million people. According to industry estimates, a mother from pregnancy to children 6 years old to go to school, these 7 years is the prime time of maternal and child market average, born in average of 30 million multiplied by 7, that about 210 million children or 210 million families is the mother of the market buyers. If the average a year for a family of the children of the cost is 1000 yuan, then the market capacity is 210 billion yuan, and the survey showed that the annual consumption of newborn medium city in 6000 to 18 thousand yuan.

on the other hand, the domestic China itself in the development of maternal and child on the market is not perfect, it seems that the business market development has been to spare no effort point, but in fact, there is a great spot, especially in network marketing, in a sense, is the real network of maternal and child market blue ocean marketing. Some have even estimated that the potential market for maternal and child websites is over $30 billion.

in the China Internet, maternal and child class professional vertical website is not much, but too little, so far, only one, namely 1999 China Internet first year established the cradle network (, which makes the whole baby cradle net network market, according to the experience near ten years of accumulation and market development that is the only has the absolute right to speak of the website. Just look at the network of these years, you can see the potential of the online baby market.

in the expansion of the maternal and child network market, as a professional parenting media, cradle network is famous for professional content, but also the core of the network from other maternal and child media core advantages. In the market development, it is not in the face of simple commodity sales, but in the original blue ocean is the product chain to find new blue ocean. The cradle network is keenly aware that there is no web site in the 0-6 target population that teaches parenting knowledge as a profit model. Not only China, but also in foreign countries. This is the blue ocean in blue ocean, and therefore, 07 years, with its own professional network cradle content advantages to build media + education platform, launched online parenting education product growth ladder. In just one and a half years, there have been more than 450 thousand users. And in November this year, after the new version of the growth ladder, the number of users is the same as