Catering O2O dishes update, service and management, nternet marketing model, and constantly trial a

, the more you say, the easier it is to forget your mind. In the business field of food O2O sand water, related topics and discussions back to the source: what is food and what is the internal?? food O2O and do what? Sand water believes that the Internet and the research in this field since the media are not "overweening" mentality, the traditional food can not be confused by the concept, carved sirloin, Huang Taiji and other emerging cases mess up. In short, that is, "Internet users need traditional thinking, and traditional industry needs Internet thinking", the combination of the two to the catering industry, catering O2O will emerge as the times require. [



has written a series of articles about O2O before, but the more you get to it, the more difficult you are to start writing. One is attention to the field of many people, want to say are other people say; on the other hand is now because of sand and water in this area with the country catering business, people contact, receive information, only to find that there is a serious asymmetry between the practice of people from the perspective of the Internet with the traditional food, unaware of the truth before is not display slight skill before an expert. Of course, sand water article relative to other friends who write catering O2O, still more ground gas point, because I have been an advocate of practice, from the masses to the masses. The following is a recent summary of the food and beverage O2O thinking and summary.

first, what is the internal strength of food and beverage?

1. dishes flavors and product updates

said catering skills, must when it comes to food tastes and product update to prevent old users leave because tired of the "old three". There is no doubt about the taste. This is the core of the product. But how to achieve a good public love of taste, there is more knowledge. In this regard, the restaurant founder and chef was a real product manager, also need to do market research, collect requirements, determine the ingredients and cooking ingredients, and then produced and small range test, collect feedback and continue after fine-tuning, so the cycle until the satisfaction to the market.

in a recent fire and an Internet brand do catering "West master hamburger" story, because the three founders are BAT background, so the product pattern is not strange. However, water with sand removed the food industry this a few months time, also contacted a number of catering industry bosses, managers and chefs, they produced new recipes for it is also in line with the above process.

here, sand water also has a case to share. Summer is here, and it’s a snack bar and a snack bar right now. In Changsha, the taste of shrimp is a must for all ages. Streets and lanes can be said to smell the taste of shrimp. One of my dining friends, and also the founder of celadon flavor square 1310, Chen always wanted to launch his own shrimp in the summer, but he wanted to bring forth the new in his taste, so he made it