Construction, operation and promotion of local real estate website

himself declares that this is not a promotional article. Through the on-line Tianshui real estate network has just opened, and we discuss the construction and operation of local property and promotion issues.

first, talk about the necessity of building a local property network. There is a big difference between the local real estate network and the national property website in the construction, operation ideas and profit model. Local real estate network to smaller, more specific, mainly local information, easy to operate, good promotion; but the nationwide real estate network coverage is large and the contents are scattered around the country, mainly to provide the latest information on real estate website, more, more competitive. Down, I will be through Tianshui real estate network operation and promotion to do the following description:

1, as a local property network in the positioning, to be accurate in place, so that it can help the development of the site. In the construction of Tianshui real estate network, the first program combined with the demand of real estate information in Tianshui area, mainly in the real estate information, real estate, Tianshui Tianshui Tianshui, the second-hand housing intermediary, real estate will not be so with the decoration decoration will be separated, building materials, decoration materials, furniture and so on several aspects of this position. Production of the corresponding section, in order to meet the needs of local property information, and secondly, the industry website in terms of layout requirements concise and beautiful, so as to attract the attention of users.

2, in the local property network operations. The station has just opened, mainly in the promotion of several aspects of this effort: in the online forum, Post Bar, Sina, NetEase and other blogs everywhere publish promotion website information; 3000 copies of printed pages, to the building materials market, the housing issue; collect the major local real estate information, free of charge for its promotion; the most important thing is to website SEO optimization, in order to allow more people to find you in the search engine. There are many ways, but to human resources on the site, in order to better promotion, the purpose is to let the property site traffic up, improve the popularity of the property site.

3, in the local property network profit. I put my thoughts simply say: the most important is the rental advertising, advertising, to attract some local real estate developers, building materials Home Furnishing’s advertising, this aspect is also very rich; the second is the intermediary fees, real estate exhibition fees, this is in secret, you find it. Do not list them.

anyway, I just build Tianshui real estate network (, in the promotion and operation is still very difficult, I just above of local real estate network construction and operation of some of the views, said is still very inadequate, I hope you have a good idea and operate their own local real estate network experience to communicate with me. My QQ:8805730