Analysis of future prospects of education and training websites and thinking of profit model

in the current Internet market is saturated, explore an effective way, make personal Adsense or enterprise can profit through the website, profit is very necessary. The following first talk about my personal experience as a personal webmaster for 2 years, as well as their own education, training sites for future analysis of the prospects and profit model thinking.

‘s first contact site was built in 2006 March at the beginning of the University’s graduation program. At that time the Internet is interested (probably because the University obsessed with online games.), so the university graduation design is almost without thinking of the selected topic is "music website design, website design, mainly listen" is a comprehensive website construction of a music class. Because at the time of the construction site sciolistic, for SEO is unheard of, it is time to borrow books from the library every day, looking for information on the Internet, gradually, to learn ASP programming language, but also have a further understanding of the SEO. After graduating from college, he also designed a personal website, game network, FLASH network, friends network, stock network, also had to build every kind of forum, operating over a period of time, but these are only with interest to do it, then never thought of making money on the web site. Later, gradually, I was thinking, this is not a way to go, a website must have its own way of operation, the need for a good profit model, otherwise it will not be able to develop for a long time. So, 07 years I have launched a Fuzhou portal station, Fuzhou Netcom classified information network, the profit model is relatively simple, rely on advertising revenue and business website added fee profit model, rely on their own disdain efforts, also get some income, but a good idea does not necessarily bring long the return, the operation of the site, it is the strength of a team, because the person’s energy is very limited. 2 years of personal webmaster career, maybe which is full of sweat and frustration, but can not be said to be a failure, because it gave me the first time entrepreneurial passion and impulse, has accumulated a valuable experience to

, I do not regret it!

had gone to the early summer of 2008, when I was at a loss, a very accidental opportunity, I know Fujian ocean science education this website, with their keen sense of smell to the website, through a detailed analysis of the website, so I deeply understand that in the future the China, special education and training schools is the computer class training school, the demand and the market are quite large, with the rapid development of electronic commerce and Internet, computer training website is also represent the general trend. The analysis of some existing computer training sites, basically is the software engineer training and training hardware accounted for the majority of sites have scanty, therefore the establishment of a computer hardware training site, is for the individual owners or a good company can be considered a way of earning money.

below, talk about computer maintenance training network profit model >