How can you make the search engine fast included

now search engine included more and more difficult, especially by Baidu included is particularly slow, generally need more than 1 months or more time. A new station want to be quickly included, not only need high quality of the chain, but also have original content, so that it is possible to "seduce" spider arrival. Of course, if you have money, you can also do promotion, so you can quickly included. If there is no money, let’s learn how to be quickly included.

one, Baidu article:

is Baidu first, but Baidu is the boss of the Chinese search. He’s not a big deal. We small stationmaster can see his face action only, want to abide by its game rule only, do not offend it. We first entrance to the Baidu web site login ( submitted, then is to update the original article, as long as there is something original, Baidu is likely to think you have the value of existence, it is possible to stand you included. The other is to increase the quality of the chain, to some weight higher station release your links. For example: a stand before me (video is included Bana), but recently I changed, the keywords for other traffic, now from the previous 5000+, has now become 200, very poor, very regret. Here to persuade you a sentence, Baidu did not give you greater weight, do not always change keywords. As the subject, is the original article, the chain and high quality, the next is patiently waiting for Baidu review. I now another new station (see Youku) is the same, I hope Baidu can quickly included, small Adsense left it can not live.

two, Google article:

Google included a simple here ( Hl=zh-CN& continue=/addurl) submitted a few days will be included, as long as the method is the same as above, but my new station (see Youku) a few days have not been included, a little strange, should wait a few more days will be the result. There is also a point to say, Google included soon updated content.

three, YAHOO article:

YAHOO included is also very simple, here ( submitted, as long as what do your website (such as open, revision and so on), a few days later included, even included not what traffic, personal feeling is less than SOSO.

four, Sogou article:

Sogou brings traffic is not much, but also a little difficult to wait, I personally feel that no need to manage, I generally do not submit Sogou, after a period of time he since >