Home page changes affect Baidu snapshot update

many people know, Baidu snapshot if not updated, the home page keywords ranking will not update, we in the management of the website, must keep the home page snapshot often updated. So, what impact on the home page snapshot of the update cycle? Today is about the home page template modification factors.

before I a I love the Wuhan forum as moderator forum, although not what traffic, but the content is very substantial, the administrator of the forum in order to improve the flow, modify the name of the home plate and the corresponding position, the 15 consecutive days of Baidu snapshots are not new, until the month of Baidu Baidu big update. The forum for K. Now re included. I found that the administrator of another www.38qq.net site on the QQ space, the administrator to delete all content before the first page announcement, change the bulletin content of web page, the result continues today his page snapshot has not updated.


therefore, when we manage the website, we must not modify the homepage of the website easily, otherwise there will be a series of chain reactions. Home snapshot is not updated, not the site is K, others see your home page snapshot is not updated, then there must be those who do not understand the people will be your link removed. So your link doesn’t work on site rankings. Therefore, we must not easily modify the home page.