Enterprises to do network marketing, e-commerce 8 common sites

enterprises do network marketing e-commerce 8 commonly used sites

as an enterprise network marketing staff, usually some of the most commonly used sites, cited several enterprises to do e-commerce personnel reference:

1., Alibaba: Alibaba ( is a global enterprise (B2B) e-commerce well-known brand, bringing together massive supply and demand information, is the world’s leading online trading market and merchant communities. The first e-commerce business with more than 14 million networks

2. Alibaba Business Forum ( the world’s leading online merchants forum community, millions of businessmen here to business friends. Discuss topics of industry, listen to success stories, listen to losers, sum up lessons. Real time business information, immediate attention to the industry’s latest

3.: ( Chinese largest, most secure personal online trading community (C2C), the Taobao community as consumers shopping platform professional shopping website has a cutting-edge global fashion, share your experience in e-commerce, online shopping: /p>

4., the industry’s largest website: such as clothing, toys, and other industry websites

5. station system website: enterprise site service or website system. The first step is to enter the e-commerce enterprises. Such as Netscape (, PowerEasy (, network (, ECSHOP

(PHP shop)

6. electronic commerce circle): Electronic Commerce Chinese circle is the most influential e-commerce division interactive learning network platform, concerned about the status of Chinese e-commerce development, provide a systematic knowledge of the industry background, interest group related organization marketing planning, advocate never too old to learn the concept of

7. network marketing ( professional network marketing website, provide relevant information and network marketing theme, providing network marketing books and various types of business plans for free download site planning book, diagnosis, network planning and promotion and other professional services

8. commercial web site:, China business web site includes tens of thousands of industry websites and business websites