A bit of experience with non mainstream QQ switching links

has done several non mainstream stations recently. Every day, in addition to updating, exchanging links is also a very important job for website maintenance. Let me talk about some of the experiences I’ve summed up.

how to contact the website that wants to link first, this problem is a more difficult problem, I also fumble in, ha ha. E-MAIL?? E-MAIL no echo you in most cases, the most effective or QQ.

of course, to find the website responsible person’s QQ is not simple, so first of all in QQ group search, search QQ webmaster, non mainstream webmaster and other keywords. Join some QQ groups. A group usually has tens to 2 people. Super strong is even more than 500 people. Join these QQ group, after a shout, the effect is pretty good. Second, you can go to A5 forums, webmaster forums, outdated and other webmaster BBS link, exchange plate post. As long as you stick top paste, the effect is pretty good. Third, you can also go to some links exchange platform to find the right site to link. Fourth, direct search related keywords to find the top ranked web site. Find a way to contact at the bottom of the site, which is more targeted. And in general, the other site weight is relatively high. Just a little trouble. Ha ha,

to find the webmaster QQ, how to talk about, also want to pay attention to. My advice is: straight forward. Speak clearly at once. In the process of doing the station, I often dislike this kind of thing.

Xxx: Hello, are you there,


me: Yes, what can I do for you,


XXX: exchange links.

, where’s your station,



I prefer to say it once in a while. Why waste time so much?.

I usually do this directly:

Hello, my station is www.23fzliu.cn PR2 Baidu included XXX IP5000 or so. Can you and your station XXX, com make a link? (of course, you can describe a little more detailed, such as which of your key words well, let the other party and you link the impulse.


there is also a notable point is that the owners should pay attention to save QQ chat record. So that links do more confused, do repeat, do not know. QQ, first look at the chat record, the effect is even better, there is not necessarily to add friends when the link. You can use the QQ chat feature on the A5 forum. Very convenient.

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