As some novice webmaster of the wise remark of an experienced person

as a real station novice webmaster, I see a lot of SEO online tutorials, web promotion steps, and so on a series of data, take a lot of misunderstanding, cause I wasted a lot of time and energy, and I do not know if there is no experience as a novice webmaster, I slowly to sum up.

1: obsessed with junk chains

this I have to say, BBS outside the chain is the most easy to do, just register a BBS, and then leave the URL on the signature, again and again post, top stick. But I want you to think about it, so easy outside the chain is good outside the chain? There are hundreds of millions of forums every day on the Internet, the chain is increasing, search engines may have been numb to these. Why some websites outside the chain thousands of, but there is no outside the chain hundreds of Web site weight high, because he is thousands of all garbage outside the chain, without the slightest weight, you understand?. Or colleagues please take some time to do some high-quality useful swimming outside the chain, such as Wikipedia, links exchange, network bookmarks and so on, these online tutorials a lot. The chain is not much, in essence,


two: cling to free programs

I’m the victim of this kind of thing. I’m going to be a real estate station. I see all kinds of programs on the Internet. They’re thousands of dollars. I don’t have the money to buy them. Looking for free programs everywhere, downloaded more than N, put online test, the result is not unable to pass map, that is, background error, all kinds of bug. I don’t know much about PHP. I can’t change it by myself. I can only change it again and waste a lot of time. I also know that there is no free lunch, but there is no temptation, all kinds of downloads, all kinds of tests, all kinds of disappointments.

and some bug are deadly, for example, when you run the site for a while, you find that the property site is unable to sign up. This is the biggest blow. It is recommended that novice webmaster, after determining what kind of site, in the absence of funds to buy genuine, you can find similar sites in different city has been in operation of the owners, to buy his second-hand source, at least to ensure the smooth operation of bug less.

three: too much importance to SEO

after the analysis of the type of site, such as my real estate website, the search engine SEO is just a small part of the development of local real estate website promotion, should focus more online promotion, make website brand in the local second-hand housing information can be included by free SMS, local public forum, local newspaper, outdoor advertising banners, in cooperation with the local building decoration Home Furnishing company engaged in activities, residential corridor layers advertising stickers and so some columns brand promotion methods. That’s the real way to run.

four: analysis of competitors, pay attention to visitors website experience

or take the local Dengfeng property station said, "I search the local other real estate website, how can I compete with it on SEO, how to improve and strengthen?". Website content and PK, whether it is comprehensive, and some local real estate web site, no content to do, open the home page, >