A bit of empirical summary of my work as a local talent network

, I recently made a local talent website and today I will talk to you about how I operate the local talent website.

first, the general local talent site area + talent network combination has the name, such as the Yangzhou talent network, as well as the region + recruitment network combination, the two combined site name general net search rate is very high, and the area + network of excellence named site search rate is relatively low, unless it is in the local do early website, impact.

website domain name choice, I do is Yangzhou local talent website I choose to put in front of the Yangzhou telephone area code 0514, directly behind YC is the acronym for excellence in pinyin, so I registered the domain name www.0514yc.com to my site. Web site must begin to choose a good program, can not be replaced in a few days and other procedures, so that the development of the site is very bad. When the website first started, it was mainly to do the content first, and then to optimize the website, including now, I have always been like this, according to this, step by step.

As for the

website promotion, I think the local talent website traffic are medium or from Baidu, because when people demand directly to Baidu search inside the local talent website, if you often in the local QQ group released to promote their own websites is not what, people now do not hurry to find work you have other people do not look, I think it is to do a good SEO, SEO is also a means of promotion, as long as a promotion method applied to the extreme can be successful. I am now mainly doing is SEO and other optimization, to Baidu second pages, ready to spend more money on the local information website advertising, do not want to spend money, the place to spend or need to spend.

finally talked about talent website profit, in fact, at the beginning when no enterprises find you advertising you can do Baidu or Google alliance alliance, when developed to a certain degree can charge, free of charge to the first half of the VIP service enterprises open, I think it’s better to open good, so can the personnel of these enterprises and the human resources manager mix a familiar face, let people have the first recruitment information to your website posted, you have the right talent website is recommended to the people. Maybe someone will start paying in the second half of the year. Talent website can also earn money by selling advertising positions, as well as enterprise recruitment agent to make money.

This article by Tian Shengling

in the first station, this is the Yangzhou network of excellence www.0514yc.com I opened after a lot of hope that we support, I would like to exchange or exchange with more webmaster friends please join my 103412756

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