2 thoughts on creating popular web traffic

on the website (Forum) how to build popularity is the concern of everyone, and now I would like to publish my 2 views.

The creation of

1 and BT atmosphere

told NetEase news (www.163.com) that since 2007, his BT comments have attracted and retained many users, including myself, because of his comments, BT.

that reminds me of www.mop.com, why he was so hot, I think there are 2 points, 1 is his BT review, and 2 is the English gate incident.

BT " said here only comment; what is BT? Is the post level is very high, speak very BT, many people want to show their talent, when he found a BT comment, he will BT brains – this is a cycle of.

what I want to say is: to keep people, it’s good to be a gift, but it’s more important to make a BT review atmosphere.

2, benefit

society is very realistic, people are very realistic, even if you are not realistic, but your situation requires you realistic point,


in the interests of the front, see you bow, not activities, ah, points are playing interest cards.

when eBay led the era of e-commerce, I just contact the network, to see such a platform, I said, I believe that such a platform is invincible. But after 2 years, Taobao (www.taobao.com) beat him.

of course you said money station. So small station, same. Take "wholesale online" (www.pfzx.cn), for a free advertising platform, such a station, I think every day there will be 1000IP commercial value, than everyone’s local forum to the money, right?.

said these 2 points today. Let’s think about it first. Just promote my following station (www.5c8d.cn). Ha ha, I hope you give me applause. Thank you,