A bit of experience about pseudo static and static

1. on the use of pseudo static

some users think, pseudo static and real static will be included in the amount will be very different, actually not, from your personal point of view, you go to judge a post in the end is really static or pseudo static?

estimates are very ugly, because the so-called static meaning, that is, the address does not have a question mark, not with a question mark is static, tube he is true or false? Search engines can see that


so, in fact, whether it is true or false, in fact, for search engines are the same, the search engine did not say, you this is false, I do not include you.

According to the

at the bottom, why search engines are not included with a question mark.? because the search engine for fear of mark and into the dead cycle (before the network has such a loophole in the spider out), so much time with a question mark is not in the address, the pseudo static the search engine, is static, because mark did not take the address, so not really included more than static pseudo static version of.

2. why do you choose pseudo static


has very many users to say:

is it really static,

?Why doesn’t

need to be really static,


isn’t it faster to access,

?Isn’t the

load better,


, wait, wait…

here, in fact, only one question to answer: why choose MYSQL.


very many users probably don’t understand why so many large forums have chosen the MYSQL database as the storage mechanism. Most of them are like: " because DZ uses MYSQL, so it is MYSQL".

in fact, imagine why DZ in so many forum coexist day survive and The Legendary Swordsman, very big reason is because the DZ with the MYSQL. if the C program is a change in the text of the forum, it will have DZ


or from another point of view, why do so many large sites choose MYSQL instead of text as storage mechanism?

the so-called text Forum, in fact, with the true static almost the same, the data stored in space above, a lot of reading and writing hard disk, and so on…

why does this style get eliminated,


I’m sure the answer won’t be what the teacher says:

" discuz.net currently has 2129867 posts, stored as HTML, about 20799 M, or about 20G. This does not calculate the space waste due to disk storage mechanisms (100 1K >)