How can content communities motivate high-quality content delivery

user system


content community is the two major tasks of community renewal and retention through continuous content, output, and precipitation. The production and precipitation of content is the key to life and death in content oriented communities. And more than 80% of content in content communities comes from 10% of the head users. How to establish not only can meet the common user demand content and can promote the head users continue to produce high-quality content for the user through the system, incentive system and information content of the persistent user head to produce high quality has become an important work of community. Building a growth system that takes into account the growth of different types of users and continues to improve the assurance of operations is also a top priority for community operations.

1. User requirements research

user needs research is the first step to establish a user system, through research and interviews to understand the needs of different users and the existing problems, in order to provide the basis for the formulation of different strategies.

The research of

user system establishment includes two aspects, from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

top-down, refers to the community as an administrator of the operation personnel, hope that the community presents what kind of atmosphere, what types of content to fill;

bottom-up refers to what the average user wants to get information and content in the community; the user who generates content needs to continue to generate content.

through top-down research to determine the direction of development of the community, looking for the appropriate head users settled in, produce the content and information ordinary users need to complete new, retained purposes. In this process, the head user becomes a key point, a good head user comes with traffic.

two, user growth model,


user growth model is the trajectory of the user from the registration to the time of departure in the community. Proficient user to from a white, after a long time, they left what operations in the community, which of these operations is the administrator hope they make the game upgrade Daguai form in the process of establishing user growth model, can be used.

community generated content users, accounting for about 10%-15%, most of the users are satisfied with the object. How satisfied is the degree of satisfaction of these satisfied users, deciding whether or not he will continue the process or recommend the key to others.

‘s user growth model is a step by step growth process from regular users to KOL, like the grassroots star in the process of becoming a contracting author from the general author of jane". At the beginning of the community, we need to bring in "big star" with our own traffic, but the key to community development is to cultivate our "grassroots star"". A user growth model for content based communities is to use this model to train a group of head users who grow out of regular users.


user growth model is based on a previous user survey