How should we open the gym


project on the market a lot, every entrepreneur’s idea is not the same, so the choice of the project are very different, as long as the choice of the appropriate project and address, can success, if you believe in yourself for gym, then start the site for the fitness room.

To evaluate the value of coefficient

1, the surrounding environment:


(1) less than 500 meters of office / commercial buildings: commercial building grade, the number of floors, the main company name, the main occupation of the nature of labor, the ability to develop and potential, there is no matching;


(2) within the community of 3 km: community size, number of households and characteristics of the analysis, the development capacity and potential, whether or not supporting.

note: refers to the ability to ease market development; potential is the possibility that the target population into the gym consumption.

2, traffic conditions:

Analysis of

(1) road around

3, flow analysis:

is mainly the analysis of traffic flow, the flow of people on the road to the gym facade.

4, supporting facilities

(3) parking;

(4) store advertising

5, building hardware

6, competitive analysis

(1) within 300 meters of similar products: analysis of the number and size of gym and price, establish the competitive coefficient analysis, find out the main competitors and focuses on the analysis, the best can have good countermeasures;