Mechanical station friendship link exchange strategy

mechanical station friendship link exchange strategy this station has been for a long time, just always thought that Baidu ranking, so there is no Links to do this, see the company to the others, the optimization of the station, went up in just two days, I found him standing on the importance of Links. Baidu doesn’t use these links to settle PR values as Google does, but it also relies on these links to crawl and update your station content. The following mechanical link will do links, you need to refer to those content:

1. included

a station if there is no Baidu or other search engines do link you and he is of no use; query method you can query through the tool or Chinese webmaster network tools, but as a waste of time to obtain the data is not accurate. It is recommended that you use the SEO command to site; for example included my query the station of Baidu, the site:// or the two / get rid of or use a same effect.

2. look at snapshot

A snapshot of

station with higher frequency and that Baidu and other search engines more love of course just included in the new station or to carefully consider the snapshot query method: directly to a web site in the Baidu search results can see a snapshot of the home page to see the time, another kind of method mentioned above to see page site: the snapshot.


3.PR value is

, if your company is just looking at the effect of Baidu, then you don’t have to pay attention to what, PR’s useless for Baidu, but if you want to consider Google, then try to find yourself or other PR, or higher than their PR station. About the PR value calculation method, later let

talk to you

4. home weight

if the other party’s home page is down right, we can be implicated after making the link. General view of the home page weight method is site, if the home page in the first words and proved not to be down right. Of course, this method also criticism, our or home page is not in the first. I suggest using caution, not in the first, rather than doing.

5. correlation

What is the relationship between

, is to find the Links you have to find some and your station, we are looking for some kind of machinery, steel pipe, or other auxiliary machinery, of course, correlation with the industry’s largest but also the most competitive.