How to do website in the sustainable development of the nternet

micro media alliance experience sharing (columnist Yu Chenghong) how to own website to establish a standardized sustainable profitable way, the Internet website is the product for profit, because the development of the Internet, it created another batch of Internet project. Therefore, the Internet has a flat and fast way of profit, the website is to emphasize the existence of Mr. Yu to seek development. In addition, the pursuit of deep web site user value, and explore the user’s services and needs, which is our core competitiveness of grassroots websites.

website sustainable development way

This is also the site of the history of

is depressed, as time is speeding up, and I almost gave up, then continue to grow up, looking back, just know that sustainable development route website is the hard truth! My personal experience is limited, the website development is knock knock touch the ground ahead, I do this year, to share to share my feelings! First you have to find one of their best, have a presentable point of view, the early development of their own hands to create original valuable content! Original value to content to attract traffic, will give your site more active. In fact, is to do their own field, familiar with the field has industry-leading website, we are the new sites, but in the above website development than those of the old station can not slow, the latest events industry should always pay attention to, not behind your competitors, to make your site know that I am always on the attention to the development of the internet.


cumulative development of site users

[diversified marketing approach]

now has 7 Internet users from the entrance into the search engine entrance, which illustrates the importance of the search engine, but in addition there are other more than 30% users through other channels, such as advertising, enter the network links, so in the propaganda network station, users will not be able to simply ignore it 30%, of course, the search engine entrance is clearly the first, through the long tail keywords optimization and various optimization methods to improve the content of the website in search engine exposure, but also increase the number of offline advertising, as well as to some other high weight forum released some ads, of course, to be released to some websites and target users the group of channels, so that it can effectively promote the website publicity.

[good service users]


site of the biggest goal is to serve your customers, not good service search engine, is now a lot of SEO optimization is the key bottleneck facing optimization optimization strategy from the start there is a problem, such as optimization of search engine optimization only pay attention to the neglect of the optimization of the users. So when the search engine appears when the wind sways grass will produce a kind to be taken by surprise, optimization of staff. Therefore, on the new website optimization strategy >