A brief analysis of the tragic causes of reducing the right of coffee machine enterprises

A revision on the sale of coffee machine

I recently said the website optimization, many webmaster friends know, in general, will lead to drop right, if careless words may also lead to K station. I currently encountered such a situation, the author will briefly talk about the optimization of the coffee machine enterprise station is to be heavy right down, hoping to give to the revision of the revision of the webmaster friends or are some warning.

one. The 404 page didn’t do

well before the website went online

webmaster friends know whether or not the revision of the website, have suggested a 404 page especially after the revision of the website 404 page is very important, because the site after revision will be included before the old web pages, and these pages are some invalid page, users will likely search for these the loss because of not open page in the search, the search engine is not friendly, if the 404 page well when users search for old web pages, there will be a reminder to tell the user this page does not exist, please enter the new user to browse, which is the same to the search engine, when the spider crawling to the old site page, this page will tell the spider is invalid page, thereby reducing the spider crawling work.

over time this page will be automatically deleted from the database, and the current 404 page of the site is not ready, when in the case of a suffix: this page is returned directly to the site to the other. When the suffix is added, present the direct orientation link to the home page, as shown in figure 1:

I generally do not advocate 404 pages directly linked to the home page, so for the search engine is likely to cause the site to be punished, the author also consulted a lot of relevant data, also has this view.

two. May be the reason for over optimization

eat hot tofu, the heart is very clear now the algorithm for the chain is really difficult, it is difficult to search engine for the chain rather strict examination, so I still on the construction of content, just a day to write an article to the A5 webmaster for a submission, after all a new station will attract spiders. The heart is also very clear through the submission can basically reprint rates are quite high, but these are natural reprint reprint, the author is not deliberately released, should be in line with the search engine said the natural chain, and Baidu also has to identify whether it is reproduced or he deliberately released the chain algorithm, and Baidu Webmaster Platform in < on the judge the chain > said that the chain is not to be what the website links, at the same time Has algorithm analysis system will delete the low quality of the chain, because of this the author chose to contribute, but also brings a lot of the chain, update is Baidu on Saturday and Sunday, I see the chain has increased to more than 1000 while the main key words from the fourth page ranking >