Cool station after eight years of water storage, designers vertical community how to seek liquidatio


founder Liang Yaoming is willing to believe in this process also is the designer’s strength, and better explore and show the value of design, perhaps he could find the station cool and designer interest point.

obviously, Liang Yaoming is not particularly suitable for media talking about, founded with his hand in the cool station, the designer was born he was adapting to the adjustment more companies, more commercial, clear context but also in order to seek greater development space. read more

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Catering O2O dishes update, service and management, nternet marketing model, and constantly trial a

, the more you say, the easier it is to forget your mind. In the business field of food O2O sand water, related topics and discussions back to the source: what is food and what is the internal?? food O2O and do what? Sand water believes that the Internet and the research in this field since the media are not "overweening" mentality, the traditional food can not be confused by the concept, carved sirloin, Huang Taiji and other emerging cases mess up. In short, that is, "Internet users need traditional thinking, and traditional industry needs Internet thinking", the combination of the two to the catering industry, catering O2O will emerge as the times require. [ read more

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How to do a good job in the renovation of fast food franchise stores

investment fast food franchise, it is necessary to do a good job of decoration design. This problem can not be avoided, and the relationship between the larger, so need to be treated with caution. If you want to learn about the store decoration design skills, you can look at the small share of the proposal, I hope you can help, you can not miss the opportunity to learn.

1, building materials, color selection: different materials, colors of the building materials will form different styles. For example, the floor can be used, including wood floors, marble, floor tiles, stones and so on, the hall with marble bright people, give a person with a sense of grandeur, private rooms with wooden floors, gives a warm feeling. read more

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Construction, operation and promotion of local real estate website

himself declares that this is not a promotional article. Through the on-line Tianshui real estate network has just opened, and we discuss the construction and operation of local property and promotion issues.

first, talk about the necessity of building a local property network. There is a big difference between the local real estate network and the national property website in the construction, operation ideas and profit model. Local real estate network to smaller, more specific, mainly local information, easy to operate, good promotion; but the nationwide real estate network coverage is large and the contents are scattered around the country, mainly to provide the latest information on real estate website, more, more competitive. Down, I will be through Tianshui real estate network operation and promotion to do the following description: read more

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Cable website notes

cable website notes, record the mood.

very deep impression: halfway over the planning of a site than in accordance with their own ideas to do, it is difficult to do N times. Here, remind the website planning friend. There are a lot of things halfway up tasteless gesture". If you start over, it’s troublesome to convince CEO.

a company that is not a project team. This management model is important for the planner of a website project. The management model is easy to come by, and the executive is in power. Just like the president can’t control the military power. So, the website planner who works in this mode should pay attention to it. Do everything possible to pave the way for future planning. You can make an appointment with CEO beforehand. Generally speaking, for a good place in the company, it will agree. Here should pay attention to, must be written to reflect. read more

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do stand summarize the essence is erudite accumulate steadily

do station, the most difficult is to start, some people have many stations, the PR value is also very high, and then do the same industry new station, it is easy to

but as a 0 start station, how can we make traffic and make PR


first of all, cheating is out of the question, and SEO optimization can’t be too

then the main theme and content of the station, this is king, is the core

theme too fan, content is not fine, how do you get in the popular keywords competition weight,


, I was told by the president of the university that it was a lesson for us to learn, and I think it’s a good fit to be here, but read more

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Editor Seoer must see how to find more and latest articles quickly

writing is essential for editors and SEOER. (do not talk about the original, just talk about the article) for the popular industry is OK, many sites, articles are also many, and find it does not Tai Feijin, but for the unpopular industry, looking for articles is a headache. However, even if the popular industry articles a lot, and for a long time, you will find, in fact, the network of articles are almost the same. Do you take up most of your time every day looking for articles? Are you sure you’re looking for the latest articles? With all these questions, you can solve all these problems today, read more

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Analysis of future prospects of education and training websites and thinking of profit model

in the current Internet market is saturated, explore an effective way, make personal Adsense or enterprise can profit through the website, profit is very necessary. The following first talk about my personal experience as a personal webmaster for 2 years, as well as their own education, training sites for future analysis of the prospects and profit model thinking.

‘s first contact site was built in 2006 March at the beginning of the University’s graduation program. At that time the Internet is interested (probably because the University obsessed with online games.), so the university graduation design is almost without thinking of the selected topic is "music website design, website design, mainly listen" is a comprehensive website construction of a music class. Because at the time of the construction site sciolistic, for SEO is unheard of, it is time to borrow books from the library every day, looking for information on the Internet, gradually, to learn ASP programming language, but also have a further understanding of the SEO. After graduating from college, he also designed a personal website, game network, FLASH network, friends network, stock network, also had to build every kind of forum, operating over a period of time, but these are only with interest to do it, then never thought of making money on the web site. Later, gradually, I was thinking, this is not a way to go, a website must have its own way of operation, the need for a good profit model, otherwise it will not be able to develop for a long time. So, 07 years I have launched a Fuzhou portal station, Fuzhou Netcom classified information network, the profit model is relatively simple, rely on advertising revenue and business website added fee profit model, rely on their own disdain efforts, also get some income, but a good idea does not necessarily bring long the return, the operation of the site, it is the strength of a team, because the person’s energy is very limited. 2 years of personal webmaster career, maybe which is full of sweat and frustration, but can not be said to be a failure, because it gave me the first time entrepreneurial passion and impulse, has accumulated a valuable experience to read more

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How can you make the search engine fast included

now search engine included more and more difficult, especially by Baidu included is particularly slow, generally need more than 1 months or more time. A new station want to be quickly included, not only need high quality of the chain, but also have original content, so that it is possible to "seduce" spider arrival. Of course, if you have money, you can also do promotion, so you can quickly included. If there is no money, let’s learn how to be quickly included.

one, Baidu article: read more

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Home page changes affect Baidu snapshot update

many people know, Baidu snapshot if not updated, the home page keywords ranking will not update, we in the management of the website, must keep the home page snapshot often updated. So, what impact on the home page snapshot of the update cycle? Today is about the home page template modification factors.

before I a I love the Wuhan forum as moderator forum, although not what traffic, but the content is very substantial, the administrator of the forum in order to improve the flow, modify the name of the home plate and the corresponding position, the 15 consecutive days of Baidu snapshots are not new, until the month of Baidu Baidu big update. The forum for K. Now re included. I found that the administrator of another site on the QQ space, the administrator to delete all content before the first page announcement, change the bulletin content of web page, the result continues today his page snapshot has not updated. read more

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