Do not advertise, do not promote the Taobao guest skillsNew media entrepreneurship contest top 8 com

all we have to do is find the product and sell it at a slightly lower price than the official price. For example, the official is 280 yuan a box, and we’ll mark it as 260 yuan a box. The advantage of this is that the buyer will find your product when searching for the product. You are lower than the official price, so you will definitely buy it here.

car business

is to do so, Taobao customers can do not propaganda, not promotion, you can receive money. Then the key to this model is finding exclusive products. read more

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Ali mother, a fair online advertising trading platformHow much does it cost to open a Taobao shop Ho

as if it were raining flowers! With more and more

at the same time >

on the use of Ali mother experience, welcome everyone to communicate with me, the union advertising flow sales, buy money exchange   bbs.admin5/forum-176-1.html 


public data and traffic, that is, leading to a lot of traffic owners do not want to adopt Ali mom advertising system one of the reasons. This flow of data and statistical data of each page and will glance advertising exposure in front of all advertisers and see! This is very beneficial for advertisers, they can be compared according to these data and a large number of other sites advertising the actual transaction price, to decide whether to choose to advertise here! Believe it will become the best choice for advertisers on the Ali Mama advertising read more

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2010, our Taobao dreamnnovation drilling horns, they are difficult to get out of a small circle of

however, Nubian did not seem to find this, but still in the promotion of continuous and shoot seriously, also suffered from users criticized UI but no significant improvement, which also makes the Nubian from mass market and >

two, Thanksgiving mentality, there is no understanding to ask, there will not go to school, and more search in the forum, consultation, Thanksgiving is a kind of identity. This kind of identification should be a kind of identification in our mind. We live in nature, and nature gives us so much. Without nature, no one can live, this is the simplest truth. The sun "thanksgiving", that is to warm understanding, on the blue sky of the "thanksgiving", that is to have a blue we recognized all pure. On the prairie "thanksgiving" that is we to the wild fire, in spring, "sighs. Thanksgiving to the sea is our kind of listening to all embracing. read more

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nsiders zeihanzhuozei alluding to the anti malware movement changedUnion nformation National Leagu

with the four half of the anti malware software in the second half of 2006, the anti rogue software alliance has been running corporate operations, making anti rogue software a career. But by the end of 2006, the wave of anti malware seems to change the taste, lost. In this context, people have been unable to identify whether the software "malicious", but also can not see the so-called "anti gangster" the real purpose of what?.


who is hurting Internet users,

insiders alluding to zeihanzhuozei read more

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nternet listing tide enlightenment there are still opportunities in the vertical fieldStation do sh

      shlf1314 also has several good major partners in the country, has a large personal site, there are portals, this is the main source of income.

      how much revenue can be brought into the shlf1314 Adsense by small station; it is important to provide publicity to shlf1314 products. shlf1314 Adwords except for a few more

      from a financial point of view, the outstanding fees are the company’s liquidity or reserves. There are too many publishers whose income can not reach the starting point for payment for a long time, that is, $100, and many publishers may never reach this number. For them, it may be that they are involved. read more

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The purpose and advantages of small and medium enterprises building a stationAmerican websites fail

Although the

their upbringing, interests, vision, cause their heart is excluded in public, those children, who all Internet cafes China tens of thousands of small towns of the population of the Internet note that the 2 populations have accounted for more than half of the population Chinese Internet, these American website is deeply look not on these people, including interest such as "super girls", the site of senior white-collar workers not only love, but also from the heart is a deep aversion. read more

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Linktech China telephone business network officially landed linktechTalking about the things that we

product: small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals

in many webmaster is aiming at the weakness of human nature is easier to make money with this phenomenon, the webmaster of social responsibility is contrary. The present commercial website problems, including pornography, violence, profanity, exposure of privacy, is a common feature is the use of human weakness, to attract people to click on the Internet can’t help, increase the click rate, so as to achieve the purpose of making money to illegal business, money greed. read more

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f your station is abandoned by search, can you still live

, where there is a network, is inseparable from search, and here is a hypothesis. Because the network is too large, need to use the search to sort out at home, Baidu is still searching for the industry leader, although search QQ, and a NetEase, and even the huge monster world GG, but Baidu has to seize the opportunities and got too much reputation. In China, if you want to search, then you can not do without Baidu. The needs of Internet users are also the needs of the webmaster. The Internet users can not live without Baidu, and the station owners are inseparable. They also need to cater to the needs of the people. However, this kind of "catering" is a yardstick, rather than a full scale to cater for, or even to lose, self catering. read more

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Quasi stewardess venture to sell apple to sexy stewardess kissed apple as a gimmick

Chinese society has always stressed the need to use creativity to entrepreneurship, show each entrepreneurial project is not the same personality characteristics. Recently, a group of flight attendants to open a shop, selling sexy stewardess kissed apple, causing public opinion hot, questioned vulgar propaganda.

yesterday, entitled "500 sexy airline stewardess open shop selling kiss apple" news by users of discussion. "Apple has been kissed by the flight attendants," let the entrepreneurial stewardess fire, but there are a lot of people think this way too vulgar. In the face of the negative comments, "said lead business online scolded very grievance, entrepreneurship is not easy." read more

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Personal website thriving or thriving

is thriving or thriving? Of course, I mean the website,


CMS is becoming more and more powerful, the domain name space is more and more cheap, and you have a station installed in computer software so random! In this just offered a domain name and space charge, then a suitable source code, you can make the N website more times, you are choosing to create a boutique station, or operators at the same time a few stops? This is indeed a problem


some people comprehensive, note N of a domain name, buy a N set of source code, N data mining, and the old station with a new station, station with station, is China, blossom everywhere, All flowers bloom together., harvest in sight. Its success probability is big, the harvest achievement is big, I do not understand very much, but its operation promotion difficulty, the work assignment heavy, the stationmaster body’s exhaustion, the shortcoming, can imagine, speaks for itself, read more

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8 years old stationmaster goes all the way portraiture

personally contacted the network in 97 years, to be exact, it should be 97 years in November. Because my first computer was in summer 97 years to assemble their own, CPU is 233, then in 99 years to upgrade to Celeron 300A, this is the most classic CPU, can be overclocked to 450, the hard disk is quantum Bigfoot 2.5G. 98 years of contact network, applied for its own QQ number, is the 7 digit.

first access to the Internet in my home is a telecommunications business office opened an Internet cafe, the Internet fee is 1 hours, 8 yuan. At that time, I just took part in the work for a long time, earning more than 400 yuan a month. A total of 8 Internet cafes machine, open the IE browser is very confused, do not know what to do? See a search on the IE toolbar to open, try to search the "Sohu" website, then you know this website. When the search is not so good now, because it is not clear whether the "Sohu" which is a specific two words? So the search for nearly 5 minutes also did not make a web page to the Internet: (thanks to the salesperson to help find a "Sohu" web site, see the site after the site that has its own address. He notes in his phone book. At that time the computer does not install anti-virus software, the Internet does not have so many viruses, because that is the majority of personal websites are still using pure static pages, there is no background, updated content to be done manually page by page. read more

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Some views on the content construction of website articles

first statement, I am not a professional webmaster, just a long-term network, "the diver" my site are also a product of the table era, the construction site is a copy of my hobbies and interests, my site and my work are also related, the equivalent of "data network favorites". Recently, the original website is being revised and content construction. In order to find the original finishing site, they have the original round the clock so much, then over time, I stand in an article, Baidu can be included in half an hour or so, traffic is bad, I have to believe that some network SEO, in the search, in self reflection, I talk about some of his own views on the content of the construction of the website article, I do not know whether it will be: read more

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Sycamore a good name is the beginning of the site’s success

recently more attention to the name of the research, names, domain names, company name, brand name, etc., more and more find that name wife is too important.

talk about names. Names aren’t taken casually. There’s a lot about it. I’ve got the following requirements for the baby’s name:


‘s name will be loud, the boy name of the last word pronunciation must be loud, mouth must be large. The girl’s name is as loud and clear as possible.

The sounds of

2, there can be no ambiguity, lest the day after the joke, such as: Xia Jian and Fan Jianqiang (in turn read) read more

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District forum rapid development, increase popularity, five points of experience

residential forum, especially with a certain size of large areas, in fact, is like a microcosm of local forums. At present, the city in the district more and more large, the number of users living there often can reach more than five thousand, some even reached more than 10000 scale, the number of users to provide basic operation of community forum. While the surrounding large areas of rich basic necessities of life and other life service business, provides a rich source of advertising to the community forum, community forum has become an important source of profits; of course, in addition, the forum also has other small profit model. read more

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Horse Grassland from the copyright to talk about the three major station

I recently began writing a series of Internet perception and experience, although not as China users but also accumulate steadily, experience five years and record. From the beginning I do not know what is now building a computer personal forum, five years along the way, it can be said is the first four years of the entertainment stage, since last May 15th the establishment of the horse prairie forum, begins to think and learn some knowledge of advanced applications of the internet. Imperceptibly, suddenly found that he was also a hundred-percent networm. read more

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How to improve website traffic effectively

some time ago to write a "traffic soaring cheats" published in my blog, the first is on my personal blog webmaster, novelty and then I fall behind, only in the Admin5, webmaster Chinese these three sites to send, I found a lot of friends in my article reprint other sites, but there is no sign reproduced, sad ah, but never mind, we share, I would write a article about the flow to improve now, hope that we exchange what.

recently read a lot about the website of the article, a lot of uneven, some say seems high, actually a lot just highfalutin it is very difficult for beginners, so I according to their own website to summarize the experience of some of the more practical methods to understand and talk about how to do their own site and improve site traffic. You know IP is a site of life, and the quality of the site is the key to high IP. read more

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want to say loudly for girls and only sell do not sell technology station

"XXXX yuan, if you provide lifetime service, you can consider", today, a customer once again mentioned such a type of words.

my heart has a nameless fire, the fire is not the gas customers, but on his hair.

has been doing websites for 9 years, writing ASP for 6 years, doing eBay, Taobao sales, customer service for 4 years. These experiences have trained me two skills, one is to be honest on the Internet, and the other is how to identify fraud. Now these are not done, and now just want to sell online I have accumulated a long history of technology and experience, do not want to spend a little money on their own lifetime. I hate myself, why the integrity see so important? As long as the promise that you can pick the next list, because adhere to the nihilism of integrity, if I promise lifelong service, the horse according to my character and temperament, earnest call will be, as you sell yourself so, never promised lifelong service. So the business is so yellow. read more

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CNNC allows individuals to register CN domains. Will you register

18, CNNIC relevant person in charge said in an interview, CNNIC in accordance with the requirements of the competent authorities, are studying the drafting of individual registration of domain names to allow registration management program. CNNIC said that, at present, individuals can already hold domain names, and the formal registration of individuals has a domain name policy, the timetable for the introduction has not yet been determined. This means that once the program is implemented, individuals can register CN domain name. read more

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How to become an excellent website construction, sales (middle)

, the previous article roughly wrote about what conditions needed to be sold as a website, and also outlined some of the key points for talking with customers. Today, what is the difference between all websites and construction companies? How do you negotiate business at different levels of website construction?.

into the company’s new business need to understand one thing in your company is at what level, such as Shanghai for example, the site construction company for small and medium-sized companies, small companies signing amount at 3000-8000 yuan, such as the level of the company as a salesman which you have to do the number to sign the bill rather than quality, and fast, to achieve fast mining new customers signing fast. The first to talk about small companies signing, the first program to prepare a set of "universal" version of the program for universal version, is a change of name, change column, change under the price you can send that small solutions to clients, the content is mostly function introduction and offer some of the website. It is very important now, small companies do most of the options written for WORD, appearance is very poor, too much text, customers which have so much time to see you write a long and minute statement ah, so I suggest to use PPT to make a plan, the content is secondary to the beauty of the program must be better, in general the good points of the website construction companies have a mature website construction scheme, to create their own if your company is not able to provide these conditions, use PPT familiar with some of the animation. Such PPT program, such as whether to go to the customer company to explain, or let customers read their own, will give you a lot of points, the signing rate increased. read more

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