Cheers and Jeers: Wednesday

first_imgCheers and Jeers for Wednesday, November 4, 2020Note: November 4th is National Stress Awareness Day.  To inform motorists around you who might not know this, drive up behind them, honk your horn several times and shout, “Hey, asshole! If you weren’t so stupid you’d know it’s National Stress Awareness Day!”  They’ll appreciate the reminder and will probably respond with a friendly wave.  Thanks. Together we can make a difference. —Mgt.- Advertisement – –By the Numbers:Bideninauguration.jpg77 days!!! (We hope.)Days ’til inauguration day: 77- Advertisement – Number of times the Trump campaign ended up stranding his cultists on the tarmac at airports in Georgia, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and North Carolina after his super-spreader events: 4Number of Trump’s promised second-round $1,200 relief checks, $200 Medicare “gift cards,” or covid vaccine doses the American people received by election day: 0Original and current number of chambers in the International Space Station, which has been inhabited for 20 years as of last Monday: 3 / 16–Mid-week Rapture Index: 180 (including 4 apostasies and 1 Covid-19 vaccine “mark of the beast.”) Soul Protection Factor 24 lotion is recommended if you’ll be walking amongst the heathen today.–Puppy Pic of the Day: Cue the theme from Mission: Impossible…–JEERS to our profoundly broken country. This election should’ve ended last night in a landslide for the candidate of truth, fact, and decency, even with a tidal wave of mail-in votes pending. I really don’t know what to say. In all likelihood Biden will still be our next president. But, holy cow, the chunk of our fellow countrymen who choose hate and ignorance over the alternative is not what I signed up for when I popped out onto this planet 56 years ago. How’s that Mars colony comin’?CHEERS to inevitable conclusions. Soon-to-be-ex-President (we hope) Donald Trump called “Obamagate” the greatest scandal in history, a witch hunt smear campaign hoax that tried to sabotage his soon-to-be-ex-presidency (we hope) “worse than anyone else in the history of the country.” It was to be one of his big “October surprises” that would destroy Joe Biden. Well, the investigation is over and, sure enough, it was the worst scandal ever and Barack Obama reported to Leavenworth Prison this morning to be fingerprinted and ha ha ha of course not:Top prosecutors in the so-called Durham probe into the origins of the Russiagate investigation have reportedly found “no evidence” to support the foundational theory that spawned the investigation—namely, that Obamagate occurred and that Barack Obama himself needed to be punished for it.Obamagatetansuit.jpegGuilty as hell. According to a New York Magazine story relying on anonymous sources “familiar with the probe,” U.S. Attorney for the District of Connecticut John Durham has come up empty-handed and is growing increasingly frustrated with Attorney General Bill Barr overdevelopments in the investigation—or, rather, the lack thereof.The lesson is clear: a good fake scandal is hard to find.CHEERS to #1. Here’s another little election milestone from the archives: it was 96 years ago today, back in 1924, when Nellie Tayloe Ross became the first elected woman governor in U.S. history.  She ran in Wyoming in the wake of her husband, Gov. William Ross’s death from appendicitis, but was careful to avoid any public display of ambition for the job as that wouldn’t be ladylike.  Her modest agenda soon mushroomed, oddly enough, into one of great ambition: [R]equiring cities, counties, and school districts to have budgets; stronger state laws regulating banks; exploration of better ways to sell Wyoming’s heavy crude oil; earmarking some state mineral royalties for school districts; obtaining more funds for the university; improving safety for coal miners; protecting women in industrial jobs; and supporting a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would cut back on child labor.NellieTaloeRossWYgovernor.jpg These ideas all came from solid, Progressive thinking. But Nellie was the first governor to back them in Wyoming.She lost her reelection, but kept plenty busy turning out the women’s vote for FDR and spending 20 years as the first woman director of the U.S. Mint.  Died at 101, her life spanning presidents Grant through Carter.  Currently four of our ten sitting female governors are Republican.  But Ross was first. And as with so many firsts in politics and civil rights, the letter next to her name was a big ol’ D.–BRIEF SANITY BREAK––END BRIEF SANITY BREAK–JEERS to a supreme nuisance. Until the administration of 46th president Joseph R. Biden (we hiope) is able to enhance and re-balance the makeup of the Supreme Court, we’re going to have to deal with days like today, when six of the nine are going to insist that Americans who happen to be L, G,B, T, or Q are second-class citizens. And we’re going to have to sit here and take it for now…The Supreme Court is set to hear a case concerning the rights of gay and lesbian Americans on Wednesday morning in a dispute that advocates are warning could pierce holes in the nation’s anti-discrimination laws. […]Interior of US Supreme Court in Washington DC.Because of Covid, today’s SCOTUS event will likely be held virtually again. But it’ll still be just as infuriating.Religious rights activists are pushing for the court to use the case, Fulton v. City of Philadelphia, to overturn a 30-year-old precedent that has for decades mediated the balance between freedom of conscience and the rights of minority groups. Doing so could effectively reverse the court’s trend in recent years of advancing protections for LGBT people, civil rights advocates warn. The case could also weaken laws protecting other groups, including Jews, Muslims and Mormons.The case concerns a Roman Catholic adoption agency in Philadelphia that claims that it can’t match foster children with same-sex households without violating its religious beliefs.The court will look a little different today, thanks to last week’s partisan Senate vote confirming the latest member and restoring it to its full nine-member complement. So now it’ll be Roberts, Thomas, Kagan, Souter, Alito, Kavanaugh, Sotomayor, Gorsuch, and some crazy lady shouting Bible verses while drowning a kitten in bucket.CHEERS to a very bad day for the GOP.  Eighty-four years ago today, on November 4th, 1936, the media was blaring the news that FDR had been re-elected in a landslide over Alf Landon by—get this—523 electoral votes to 8:Rooseveltlandslide1936washingtonpost.jpg Percent increase in Covid-19 deaths (238,000 now) over the last two weeks: 15%Number of states that don’t have some kind of mask mandate in place: 2 (ND, SD)Rank of Belgium among top Covid-19 hot spots in Europe: #1- Advertisement – – Advertisement – On this date twenty-eight years later, the papers trumpeted Lyndon Johnson’s victory over Barry Goldwater 486-52.  Twenty-eight years after that Bill Clinton dispatched George H.W. Bush by a less-substantial but still impressive 370-168 margin. And 16 years after that, Barack Obama disposed of John McCain 365-173. Grand total: 1,754 to 303.  Takeaway message: revenge is a dish best served lopsided.–Ten years ago in C&J: November 4, 2010JEERS to the new bully on the block.  38 percent of the 50 percent of Mainers who turned out to vote Tuesday—representing about, oh, twenty percent of all Mainers who live here—was all it took to get a teabagger installed in the governor’s mansion here.  Oh, and we also lost control of both the House and Senate for the first time since 1974.  So off we go into a new era of austerity and nuclear plants and creationism taught as science and, golly, who knows what else.  As of January first we’re changing our state motto: Welcome to Maine—The Alabama of the Northeast.  Yeehaw!  [11/4/20 Update: Our legislature is controlled by Democrats again and our governor is a super-competent and popular Democratic woman, and all is well in the state of Maine.]–And just one more…CHEERS to a fond farewell. I don’t know what he plans to do between now and January, but one thing I hope comes to pass in 77 days: he’s gonna be gone, gone, glug glug glug gone…And the band can play one final rendition of Nearer My Future Jail Cell to Thee.Have a happy humpday. Floor’s open…What are you cheering and jeering about today?–Today’s Shameless C&J TestimonialTrump Assures Daily Kos He’ll Fire Bill in Portland Maine After The Election—Wonkette–last_img