The Museum of Illusion conquers America, and soon the whole world, through a franchise model

first_imgLast year, after Zagreb and Zadar, the Museum of Illusion expanded to Ljubljana and Vienna through a franchise model. Thus “modestly” began the story of the expansion of the Museum of Illusion through a franchise model outside the borders of our beautiful country.After the last conversation with Rok Zivkovic from the Museum of Illusion, which took place a little over a year ago, pointed out that there are already concrete interests from other European countries, and he dreamed that the long-term goal would be to offer this attractive and successful model worldwide. Brave, ingenious and phenomenal, I was dizzy, a real entrepreneur who believes in his product and vision, and most importantly has a proven and attractive successful business model, which he developed in Croatia and confirmed through the expansion to Slovenia and Austria.”We saw that there was room for expansion, and we chose the franchise model as the most acceptable to us. Through the franchise in cooperation with the partner, we offer him help through all phases, from the first contact, the book of standards, employee education, all the way to the opening and later through the entire development process. It’s been a process for a year. Also, the Museum has additional income through souvenirs and didactic toys for which we are also distributors.. “Said Zivkovic a year ago.Today, after only a year, the Museum of Illusion through its franchise model has opened its first Museum in New York, and will soon open in Kansas City as well! In what words to describe this phenomenal news. Undescribable!On the news that the Museum of Illusions has opened in New York, I immediately go to the official website of the Museum of Illusions, where an even bigger positive shock follows. The one when you fall off the chair!In the meantime, in the space of a year, the Museum of Illusion, in addition to Zagreb, Zadar, Ljubljana and Vienna, has spread all over the world! Today, the Museum of Illusions is present in Muscat / Oman, Belgrade / Serbia, Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia, Dubai / UAE, Athens / Greece and in Berlin / Germany.But there is no end to the enthusiasm because soon the Museum of Illusions will literally conquer the whole world! Thus, the opening of this successful Croatian story was announced soon in Kansas City in America, Hamburg and Stuttgart in Germany, Toronto in Canada, Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, Doha in Qatar, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and Tbilisi in Georgia.This is news for all headlines in all media! The news of a brave vision and success on the global scene, through the franchise model that started in Croatia. Something similar was achieved through the franchise model by Andrija Čolak with his Surf’n’Fries, which is expanding all over the world from month to month.”If you can dream it, you can do it. ” said Walt Disney, and Živković and Čolak are real proof that one should dream awake and that everything is possible, of course with a lot of effort, sacrifice and self-belief. A floor-length hat and my deep bow. Wake up to dream.See more about the conditions of the Museum of Illusion franchise in the attachment:WANT TO START YOUR OWN MUSEUM OF ILLUSIONS? CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE FRANCHISE OPPORTUNITY! RELATED NEWS:INTERVIEW / ROKO ŽIVKOVIĆ, MUSEUM OF ILLUSION: MUSEUM OF ILLUSION EXPANDS TO LJUBLJANA AND VIENNA THROUGH THE FRANCHISE MODELINTERVIEW / ANDRIJA ČOLAK, SURF’N’FRIES: RETURN ON INVESTMENT OF MOBILE SURF’N’FRIES STANDS IS 45 DAYSlast_img