TOMAS Dubrovnik 2018: Guests in Dubrovnik spend 170 euros a day

first_imgCruise passengers spend an average of 59 euros a day Dubrovnik achieved record results in 2018 – an increase of 8 percent of arrivals was recorded than in the previous year, ie one million and 272 thousand arrivals. There were 5 percent more overnight stays, ie 4 million and 140 thousand, compared to the previous year. Dubrovnik Airport operated a total of nineteen scheduled flights a week between seven international airports. The session emphasized the direct connection between Dubrovnik and the United States of America after a full 28 years. Romana Vlašić pointed out the improvement of the offer in the winter period, but also that in 2019 they expect more open hotel capacities in the Dubrovnik area in that period. TOMAS DUBROVNIK 2018: Dubrovnik guests of private accommodation spend 114 euros, and cruise passengers 59 euros per day Jela Tepšić, Deputy Mayor, reminded that in 2017, citizens’ dissatisfaction was expressed and foreign media reported on Dubrovnik in a negative context. However, he believes that the “Respect the City” project is slowly advancing towards sustainable tourism. New rules of conduct have been set in the city center, which will highlight information for visitors within the Wall that, among other things, they are not allowed to consume food and drink and behave inappropriately near cultural monuments. As part of the fourth session of the Assembly of the Tourist Board of the City of Dubrovnik at the Hilton Imperial Hotel, along with the report for the tourist year 2018, the results of the research “TOMAS Dubrovnik 2018” were presented, reports DuList. Photo: Dubrovnik Tourist Board Guests are generally extremely satisfied, especially with the accommodation, service and quality of food, but there are elements that should change such as the offer of entertainment, sports and shopping opportunities and the crowds and traffic in the city. “In 2019, we expect significantly better occupancy and the pre-season and sub-season. In the first month of this year, we have a 30 percent increase in arrivals and overnight stays of XNUMX percent. We expect to better accommodate stationary guests, but also those from cruise shipsSaid Romana Vlašić, director of the Dubrovnik Tourist Board. The obtained research results will be used for directing and improving promotional activities, strengthening the quality of the offer in certain segments, and designing and placing new marketing activities, point out the Dubrovnik Tourist Board.  City of Dubrovnik / Dubravko Lenert They learn the most about Dubrovnik via the Internet, but newspaper articles also stand out as a source of information. “The average age of stationary guests is 42 years, but hotel guests are still a little older. 66 percent of them are university educated. In 5-star hotels, 77 percent of guests have an income of more than 4 thousand euros”Said Marušić and added:”Stationary guests spend 170 euros a day, more than other destinations in Croatia. Consumption differs in categories, so that, for example, guests in private accommodation spend 114 euros per day. Cruise passengers spend an average of 59 euros a day” Zrinka Marušić from the Institute of Tourism presented the first TOMAS research in the area of ​​Dubrovnik. The survey was conducted on a sample of 1.578 respondents, i.e. hotel guests, private accommodation and cruisers. For the first time, Marušić points out, it was researched which guests come to Dubrovnik. The motivation for the arrival of tourists is no longer only because of passive rest and relaxation, but also because of the culture and getting to know the natural beauties and gastronomy, which is why guests who stay in five-star hotels most often come. Although they stay relatively short (25 percent of them from 1 to 3 nights and 70 percent from 4 to 7 nights), stationed guests are quite active during the visit. The largest percentage of surveyed tourists come to Dubrovnik for the first time, as many as 86 percent, and most often come with a partner, while the United States residents travel the most with their families. Most guests arrived from the UK, followed by tourists from the United States. German tourists accounted for 22 percent of arrivals, but the number of overnight stays decreased. In 2018, 10 percent fewer Croatian citizens visited Dubrovnik. In a month, the entire TOMAS Dubrovnik 2018 survey will be published, which we will also publish on the portal.last_img