f your station is abandoned by search, can you still live

, where there is a network, is inseparable from search, and here is a hypothesis. Because the network is too large, need to use the search to sort out at home, Baidu is still searching for the industry leader, although search QQ, and a NetEase, and even the huge monster world GG, but Baidu has to seize the opportunities and got too much reputation. In China, if you want to search, then you can not do without Baidu. The needs of Internet users are also the needs of the webmaster. The Internet users can not live without Baidu, and the station owners are inseparable. They also need to cater to the needs of the people. However, this kind of "catering" is a yardstick, rather than a full scale to cater for, or even to lose, self catering. read more

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Site user identification, grasp the user needs, enhance user experience

analysis is an important part of the site analysis, in the analysis of the user before we must first be able to identify each user, identify what is "New Customer", which is "Repeat Customer". This will not only be able to more clearly understand exactly how many users visit your site, identify who they are (user ID, email, sex and age etc.); at the same time also can help you better keep track of your users, found the behavior characteristics, their hobbies and personalized settings, in order to better grasp the user needs, enhance the user experience. read more

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How to do ten suggestions for the website

is a small suggestion, is actually a small sum I do for two years, I do not know what is from the past, although now there is no what a big success, but no achievement is not failure, at least in the grassroots webmaster of this piece, I accumulated a lot of experience today. And we come together to talk about, if you are a novice webmaster, need to pay attention to what.

if you have to site this piece of what all don’t understand, but want to get a sense of achievement or make money through the website operation, this article beginning today I want to say to you: the site has entered the read more

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Korean website is worth our study

in the country, many designers are imitating their style. For Korean website design style, I have the following understanding:

In the domestic

website also in the use of Flash animation, to create the atmosphere of the website, they just emphasize the animation how Hyun, how cool, too much emphasis on the animation, ignoring the coordination with the website, website and other content. Not up to their expected effect. And Korean designers are also using a lot of Flash animation, they just move the animation locally, just text or small pictures moving. The background of Flash animation is very beautiful. Many of them are hand drawn vector pictures. They look very beautiful and exquisite. A sensuous difference! read more

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